How a retirement advisor can help with your planning

How a Retirement Advisor Can Ensure a Peaceful Retirement

Retirement advisorsRetirement advisors are an essential element of sound financial planning. Retirement should be a time when you can finally relax after decades of hard work. Unfortunately, for many it is a stressful time of struggling under a tight fixed income and trying to make ends meet. Many people can’t retire at all and end up working their whole lives. 

10,000 baby boomers retire each day. That’s a huge number. And while you should begin thinking about saving for retirement as soon as you have your first serious job, most people should consult with a professional in their 40s or 50s. A retirement advisor can help you see things you would have otherwise missed and can give you direction on some of the possible vehicles for saving and when it’s wisest to begin to draw from them. 

Planning for retirement with an advisor is not only the best decision for the one retiring but for their children, as well. People who retire and run out of money then have to turn to their children to support them for the rest of their lives. This is a financial burden that most parents don’t want to place on their children and can keep the children from being able to save for their own retirement, too. 

Having a knowledgeable professional help you look through all of your options is worth the fee you would pay. It may make the difference between a peaceful retirement and one fraught with difficulty. 

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Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation

It is highly likely that you have heard of electromagnetic radiation at some point. You may even have seen something in the newspaper or online about the danger from power lines or electronic devices that produce electromagnetic radiation. But the chances are that you have not really considered the degree to which it is relevant to you. Bearing in mind that we have only been using electricity for a century or so, and that it is only in the last twenty years that handheld electronic devices such as mobile phones really took off, it is probably not surprising that our knowledge of its dangers is incomplete.

Scientists disagree on the effect of power lines and other exposure to electromagnetic radiation, but there is no longer any room to dispute the effect that mobile phone radiation has on human fertility. Keeping a phone in your pocket near the groin exposes your testicles to enough radiation to reduce your sperm count and testosterone levels. As a result, your fertility falls. Whether the effect is enough to render you completely infertile depends on how high your fertility was to start with, and on how much exposure to mobile phone radiation you receive.  

You can avoid this exposure by keeping your phone in an anti-radiation flip case.

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4 Simple Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Lawn Mower

There are several important equipments that we will find at home that are sometimes neglected because they are rarely being used. One of which is a Lawn Mower. Our back and front yards should be kept clean to avoid inhabitants of mosquitoes and other insects that might cause health threat to the family. Apart from that, this equipment will help you out clean your surroundings to improve the facade of your home. Since this equipment is rarely being used, there are several things that you have to do in order to keep your lawn mower functional and in good condition.

4 Simple Tips on How to Take Good Care of Your Lawn Mower

Always refer to the equipment manual

Not every one of us is aware on how to use the said equipment properly. Every Lawn Mower is produced by different manufacturing companies causing it to have different operating buttons that we should learn before using the product. It is always vital to learn first on the basics before you jump-in in using the equipment to prevent it from being damaged. That is why manufacturing companies have purposefully placed a user manual in each of their products for the customer to refer to, not to disregard. Also, in the event that there are some issues with regards to the Lawn Mower, you can always have something to look up to before taking time to call their customer service hotline.

Do something about the blades

The blades are very important components of the lawn mower. Without it, this equipment will not be functional. Having dull blades will always result to rip grass. It is great if you know how to properly sharpen the blades, but if not, it is always ideal to have it done in a mower repair shop because it usually comes with a free tune up at a minimal cost.

Never retain gasoline

Most of the experts would recommend draining of the gasoline every time you are done using the mower. It is because it can damage your equipment leading it to malfunction. It is not every day that we are using a Lawn Mower. It is very important to fill it in with fresh gasoline to make it work better.

Always do an aftercare

Like all other equipment, aftercare is very important. Why? It is to prevent accumulation of residue and withered grass that will cause the undercarriage to clog and the blades to rust. Also, as a safety reminder, before you do the cleaning, make sure that the said equipment’ spark plug is not connected to make sure that you are safe while cleaning. Also, when it comes to the aftercare of the spark plug, it is very important to have it replaced every year to have a smooth and clean start.

Furthermore, if you want to have a Lawn Mower that will last up to 15 years, then all you have to do is to take good care of it. As simple as referring to the user manual is already a good start. Learn about the do’s and don’ts at this link in order for you to know the proper way of handling the mower and prevent further damage. Also, after you are done using the said equipment, better off to do aftercare to maintain its normal functioning.

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Sale of Exempt Market Securities

Sale of Exempt Market Securities

and Requirements to Qualify as Accredited Investor

exempt marketsOSC has found that many issuers as well as dealers sell exempt securities on the basis of AI (accredited investor) exemption to investors who do not meet the criterion for accredited investors. As such OSC has provided necessary guidelines on this serious issue which can have negative effect on protection available to investors in exempt markets. The main problem is that many times dealers do not acquire required KYC information for properly determining whether any particular investor is actually accredited investor or not.

Misunderstanding Regarding Net and Financial Assets

Most common misunderstanding with respect to definition of accredited investor is related to meaning of net and financial assets. 

Dealers and issuers need to understand that both terms are different and they should not get confused. Let us look at what is meant by financial and net assets.

  • Financial Assets: It includes securities, cash or contract of insurance, evidence of deposit or actual deposit which is not in the form of a security as per securities legislation. However, economic valuation of personal residence or any other type of real estate investor has cannot be included in financial asset calculation.
  • Net Assets: This includes all the assets investor has after meeting all the liabilities and includes personal residence as well as other type of real estate investor has.

Value of Real Estate

OSC has found that during assessment of details with respect to client's ability to qualify as accredited investor, many dealers are not clarifying the fact to their client that any type of real estate or personal residence client has cannot be part of financial assets. 

Thus, dealers and issuers could be selling securities to investors relying on AI exemption where such investors do not meet the requirements to be accredited investors.

Dealer Obligations

Let us now look at some of the things dealers should do to make sure investors meet the requirements to be considered accredited investors.

  1. Understanding Accredited Investor Definition: Registered firms operating in exempt markets need to offer required training to their dealing representatives and chief compliance officers (CCO). Such training can help them in understanding requirements investors have to meet for becoming accredited investors.
  2. KYC Information Collection: It is also necessary for dealers to create proper forms for collection of KYC information from investors. The KYC information collected must include details of financial situation client is in, risk tolerance level client has and investment objectives client wants to meet. The details available in KYC form should assist dealers in determining client's ability to meet requirements to be considered an accredited investor. Dealers also need to review as well as update KYC form for making sure that dollar limits used for financial and net assets are accurate.

A Final Note

Thus we will conclude here with a final note that dealers have an important role to play in protecting rights of investors. By properly checking whether an investor qualifies to be an accredited investor, they can make sure that investors are investing in appropriate securities suitable for them.

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Why developing a plan for the future is important

Developing a Plan for the Future

retirement planning A retirement planner is someone that can go over the money that you make each year and help you to develop a plan for the future, which will make sure that you do in fact have the funds that you need later on in life. This is something that every person should be doing, and there is no question that it should be done years in advance of actual retirement. Although there is a huge benefit to sitting down with a retirement planner and getting all of the details hammered out, one of the best things about being proactive and getting this done is knowing that you have a plan, and knowing that you will have money in the bank when you need it down the road.

It has gotten more and more important as time has gone on to put money away and account for the future in terms of financial status during retirement, so you should absolutely consult with someone who can help you plan your retirement out if you have not done it thus far. A planner will help to figure out how many years are expected in your, taking on the assumption that you will live to be somewhere in the ball park of one hundred years old. The idea here is to put a number out in the distance far enough, though it might seem absurd at first, that there is no way you will end up running out of money, which is a great way to approach retirement.

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Common Usability Errors in Website Designs

Most Common Usability Errors 

In Website Design and Ways to Correct Them

custom web design Toronto For any website it is important to make the site usable to gain recognition on the web, offer better user experience and retain customers. If there are usability issues on the site then web visitors will not be interested in browsing or buying anything from your site.

In this context we will go through some of the most common usability errors custom web design Toronto firms make and how to correct them.

Usability Errors and How to Fix Them

Usability Error #1 – Tiny Clickable Area

The hyperlinks are meant to take the visitor to some other web page or to another part of the same page. To make it easy for users to click such links it is important for designers to create the links in such a way that users can easily click them. 

In case it is a small area then user will find it difficult to click on them and may decide to ignore such links altogether.

How to fix the problem?

The solution lies in increasing clickable area so that web visitors can easily point their mouse over the link and click it. Some methods of increasing clickable area would include adding bigger links and increasing amount of padding around such hyperlinks.

Usability Error #2 – Incorrect Pagination

Pagination is utilized for dividing content into several parts and creating separate pages for the smaller sections of the content. This method is used in case content on any specific page is quite long. In case there is a lot of graphical content on a page then it can have negative effect on load time of the page which is why pagination is utilized.

However, some people try to utilize this method for a different purpose, which is of increasing page views. By increasing page views it becomes possible to achieve advertising goals they have. The basic idea is to improve page views for the site which in turn helps the web site owner to demand higher price for showing ads on the site.

Such strategy can backfire since it can become annoying for users to open several pages for reading small parts of the content. In such situation, users might consider your site is not useful for them.

In addition to it, as less content is added on any particular page, less number of keywords can be optimized for any one page, which reduces seo advantage site can achieve and makes keywords less relevant to a page.

How to fix the problem?

Thus, if you want to improve your seo ranking as well as retain customers interest then it will be important to avoid using pagination wherever possible. By removing pagination you may well make more revenue from sales occurring on the site as compared to income earned from placing ads on the site.


To conclude we will say that the above usability errors may seem like trivial issues but they are significant factors and are the differentiating factor between good or bad user experience.

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East Valley Lock And Key Repair Service For Your Home

Are looking for lock and key repair locksmith? There are different types of services near your home. You can ask for the help of East Valley Lock and Key A+ BBB rating at anytime. They are expert in maintaining car or home lock services. There are huge advantages of getting your lock and key repaired by the expert locksmith. When you call a locksmith, they will come to you at the right moment by locating your residence immediately. They will provide you whatever service you require. The car locksmith customers are the ones who receive the biggest advantage. When you lost your car key or home door key, you need to remember the locksmith professionals immediately.

They will be able to handle many more services including the home security camera installation. It may happen that your child decided it would be a good idea to stick his ninja turtle action figure into your vehicles ignition. Unfortunately it will get stuck or even worse now and will not turn over. In that situation you can call out a locksmith expert immediately without any damage. This type service is also available in the sight that is fashioned as the locksmith. At an affordable cost you can get their service.

In the lockout situation, you need to ask yourself at first, there is any locksmith near your home or not. Using your cell phone or using your smart phone you can very easily get the access of the expert locksmith. You can visit the website to gather necessary information on them at the right moment. After finding a company, you can solve your problem immediately. By going to the locksmith repair company, you can get your task done at a moment. Until they find your location, you have to wait. It is not wise to try it by yourself. It may worse your problem.

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Best Advice For Those Who Suffer From Sciatic Pain

Those who suffer from sciatica know how painful it can be and how much it can inhibit you from living an active lifestyle.  The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and runs from your low back all the way down to your toes.  When this nerve is compressed or has pressure on it can cause symptoms such as low back pain, leg pain or tingling or numbness in the legs.  For some people, when the pain is mild, they are able to relieve the pain by doing some at home therapy such as hot and cold pack, stretching and exercise.  When the pain is more severe doing home therapy might not be an option.

Chiropractic care can be beneficial for those who suffer from mild or severe sciatic pain.  Going to your to your local San Deigo Chiropractor for treatment is a great way to help relieve sciatic pain.  Many San Diego Chiropractors have seen amazing results in their patients who suffer from sciatic who get adjusted on a regular basis.  Although many people think that bed rest is best for helping sciatic pain, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Targeted exercise can give much better results because movement increases circulation and helps to bring a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the injury and eases inflammation. 

For those who suffer from sciatic pain sitting can be such a painful experience.  If you do computer work for hours having sciatic issues can increase pain and put added pressure on the sciatic nerve.  If you are able to get a stand up desk it will not only benefit you while you are experiencing the pain but will also help to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. 

Combining chiropractic care, massage therapy and at home treatments (stretching and exercise) can be a wonderful way to help get back to an active life.  


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Misuse of Trade Instructions and Actions

Misuse of Trade Instructions and Actions 

Taken by OSC to Rectify the Problem

exempt market productsThere have been growing concerns with respect to misuse of trade instructions by exempt market dealers. As such our aim here will be to look at details of such misuse and steps been taken by OSC to correct the situation.

Misuse of Trade Instructions

There have been instances where EMDs improperly rely on NI 31-103 (subsection 13.3(2)) with the aim of avoiding their obligation of performing suitability determination.

What is mentioned in Subsection 13.3(2) of NI 31-103?

According to this subsection in case an investor orders a dealer to sell, hold or buy a security then if dealer considers such investment to be unsuitable for the investor then it is necessary for dealer to inform the investor about it. 

The EMD should also not sell or buy such security unless investor asks EMD to move ahead nonetheless.

Trade Instructions & Findings by OSC

In many instances EMDs were found to be distributing exempt market products of related issuers on the basis of such trade instructions given by clients. Such products were distributed despite the fact that they were not suitable for the clients.

It has also been found that investors sign the KYC form which states that they are non accredited investors who are depending on minimum amount exemption for purchasing the securities. Often such KYC forms had the section with details about client directed trade instructions right at the end of know your client form.

Response by OSC

OSC considers such practice unacceptable as well as inconsistent with obligations of EMDs to deal in good faith and honestly. According to OSC such trade instructions are not an alternative to determination of client suitability in situations where investor cannot utilize any other exemption or certain exempt market products are not suitable for the investor.

Requirements Specified by OSC

In view of such misuse of trade instructions, OSC requires EMDs to provide necessary supporting documentation with respect to the following:

  • The dealer has done proper analysis of a specific investment to make sure it is suitable for the investor. Such analysis is to be performed by taking into consideration investor's objectives, investment needs, time horizon and similar other necessary criterion. These points are collectively known as investment objectives and needs, which are to be considered before any decision is taken after the analysis.
  • EMDs should also clearly indicate to investors that according to their opinion any particular exempt product is not suitable for them based on investor's investment objectives and needs.
  • Dealers should also have necessary documentation that investor knows about dealer's view about a unsuitability of a particular investment product. 

There should also be written documentation of investors eagerness to move ahead with the investment despite the fact that dealer considers it to be unsuitable.

According to OSC, dealers cannot promote any specific exempt product and then use boiler plate language to indicate that they do not recommend the investment but went ahead with the investment since it was a client directed trade. Such action is not considered acceptable and OSC will not deter from taking regulatory steps against such dealers.


Thus to conclude we can say that regulatory oversight is quite important in exempt markets and helps in safeguarding investor rights.

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Niagen May Be The Perfect Supplement For An Athlete

Athletes all over the world are always on the lookout for the next best supplement. They all want supplements that will provide their body with the right ingredients to enhance their athletic performance. Recently all the rage has been about a supplement known as Niagen, which is similar to vitamin B3 and may have anti-aging properties.

Endorsed by Tiger Woods himself, Niagen, also called nicotinamide riboside is a ground breaking new product that will revolutionize supplements for athletes. The only ingredient in it is Niagen which is a B vitamin base. It is used to treat injured or diseased neurons in the body, and happens to be a great performance enhancer.

Niagen helps people raise their metabolism so they can burn fat faster. This makes it great for those looking at weight loss. However it also works for performance, providing energy at levels that are better and safer then drinking energy drinks. And of course there is no sugar in this supplement which gives you everything you could possibly need in a supplement. But what happens to be even better is that nicotinamide riboside can increase the Sirtuin function which slows down the aging process and death.

Niagen is a new supplement that already has three different patents, it can enhance your performance, reduce the aging process, and raise your metabolism for weight maintenance. We can see why this stuff is getting so popular so quickly.

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